We're building the largest grassroots voter organization in the country.

About the

Democratic Voter Project

The Democratic Voter Project was launched by a team of former Hillary and Bernie staffers and restive progressive leaders to activate multicultural communities and millennials.

DEMVP is an organization which focuses on educating, engaging and developing civic action with special emphasis on new and unlikely voters.

To date we have registered nearly 1.5 million new voters and engaged over 10 million Americans.

Since 2015, we have participated in nearly every major Democratic victory.

Senior Staff

Chalin M. Askew,

founder & chairman

Chalin is the founder and chairman ​of DEMVP.

Under Chalin's leadership, we have ​registered over 1.5 million new ​Democrats and have engaged ​millions of Americans through its ​outreach efforts.

Chalin has spoken nationally about ​civic engagement and diversity ​including at Google, Columbia ​University and the Hispanic Heritage ​Foundation.

Hannah Fishman,

national organizing director

Hannah is a Director at enterprise software firm, Intercom. She uses her years of global corporate experience to advise and support millennial empowerment and engagement.

In 2017, she assisted in Intercom's efforts to help employees affected by Trump's Muslim ban. Hannah attended Princeton University.

Dr. Bill Wyatt,

data & finance director

Dr. Wyatt has researched data ​analytics for two decades. With his ​expertise, we’ll expand our data and ​messaging operations to reach ​millions of Americans.

Dr. Wyatt has been involved in ​Democratic politics since ​volunteering on the Obama ‘08 ​campaign. He has helped fundraise ​for all of our favorites, including ​Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, Elizabeth ​Warren and more.

Programs for 2024

The 2024 election will be one of the most consequential in our lifetimes, so naturally, we've already started.

Across the country we're supporting field organizing training, voter registration and multi-layered voter turnout programs to power Democrats to victory.

Ready to take the next step?

This is a movement fueled by you.

Whether you’re most comfortable contributing time to help achieve our advocacy goals or a donation to help us grow, we need you on our team.

A better future is possible. Contact us to learn more about our mission and work, or to become involved yourself.



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